Humanitarian help

Your old unwanted clothes can find a new life! Give it to us and we will give it to low-income pensioners, immigrants and kids from large families. Due to indifferent people wear our bank can help many people. Each month we provide a lot of free stuff man!

Роздача гуманітарної допомоги

What things fit for charity?

We accept any clean and tidy clothes and shoes, bedding, toys, household chemicals and equipment in working order. To send poor things you should ask the main question – “I would put this thing?”. You pass the same way people like you, but the circumstances of their lives have developed otherwise. They can hardly bear leaky or dirty things. Please be sure to wash clothes before you give it to charity!

All clothes we sort of stock issue and needy people in our center.

How to donate unwanted items to charity?

You can bring things to the address:. Irpin