I Photographic Competition for the Defense of Human Rights Against Violence against Women in Ukraine

On the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Combating Gender Violence on November 25, the JUNTOS POR LA VIDA Foundation, Valencia, Spain, together with the Foundation for Good Faith, Irpin, Ukraine, recognizing the social problems that exist in Ukraine, announce a photo competition .

The purpose of the competition is to raise public awareness and raise awareness of the social issues, as well as the development of civil society, primarily through educating young people more tolerant and respectful of women in accordance with the Convention on Human Rights and the goals of sustainable development.



1. Participants:

Persons aged 18 and over may participate in the competition, citizens of Ukraine, if their works will meet the following requirements:

2. Characteristics of works

The works must meet the following characteristics and conditions:

2.1. Subject: free, related to gender-based violence. Particular account will be taken of those photos that originally and creatively reflect such human values ​​as communication, understanding, tenderness, non-violence and love. It is important that the image does not violate any ethical standard.

2.2. Format: All photos must be sent in JPG format with maximum resolution and maximum quality. Each participant can send up to 3 photos.

Each photo must be accompanied by a description specifying the name (if any), author’s name and surname, place of residence, contact phone number and e-mail address.

These should be previously unpublished photos that were not rewarded, as well as those that were not given to the printing press.

The organizers ensure proper storage of the resulting work, but do not assume any liability for loss, damage or theft, as well as any incident that may occur during transportation, reception, storage, exhibition or return.

3. Terms and form of submission

Works are accepted for a competitive review by February 25, 2019, at e-mail proyectos@juntosporlavida.org.

4. Awards

4.1. Jury: photos will be selected in two stages. The general voting will be through social networks (Instagram and Facebook) for which a hashtag will be created that will help spread this campaign. The professional jury will consist of professionals in the field of this social sphere and professional photographers. Members of the jury will be announced later on the website www.juntosporlavida.org

4.2. 3 bonuses will be awarded in the amount of € 200, € 100 and € 50 respectively.

4.3. Awarding of prizes: on the decision of the jury, will take place on a holiday, the date and place of which will be announced later.

5. Evaluation criteria

– originality of the photo itself and its contents.

– Technical quality of the image from a photographic and artistic point of view.

– Social influence. Ability to express feelings and their compliance with the criteria of the competition

– Respect for the Code of Ethics and the protection of human rights in all respects.

6. Exhibition

Photos selected by the jury will take part in an exhibition that will be exhibited both in Ukraine and in Spain, being one of the tools for awareness of the elimination of gender violence and can be used by any founding organization of the competition.

7. Rights

7.1. Authors are responsible for the authorship and originality of the works they send. In accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, image authors, both in the case of the winners and other participants who submitted the photo, without prejudice to moral rights, transfer to the Juntos por la Vida Foundation in non-exclusive form all property rights to use the images necessary for Promotion and public dissemination of information, always without profit, and with reference to the author, for the conduct of exhibitions or as a supplement to the activities for the purpose of disseminating at the national and international levels the work of this Fund or Partner in Ukraine – Foundation for Good Faith.

7.2. The organization assumes that the photographer has the authorization and / or the permission of the people depicted in the submitted works, in any case, the author bears all responsibility for the right to confidentiality.


Participation in this competition involves the general acceptance of the basic conditions and the consent to the decision of the jury. Failure to comply with the rules of the competition, such as data concealment, violation or manipulation, may result in exclusion from the contest and, in turn, the return of prizes. The Organizing Committee is empowered to decide on any cases not provided for by these rules. The decisions made in this case are not subject to discussion