About foundation

Our organization works with IDPs in December 2014.

We provide assistance in the form:

  • humanitarian help
  • psychological help
  • material
  • legal advice

The organization started its activities in one of the projects jointly with Adra to provide psychological help. At the end of the project we realized that we can not break up and are continuing to the present time regular meetings with a psychologist, workshops, lectures, workshops for children and their parents. All meetings are held with a cup of tea, making them extremely warm and spiritual importance.
In parallel, we will do our best to meet the needs and problems of IDPs that occur through life in a new place (who the hospital was – you need medication to whom the children have grown for a year – should dress in whom students – need to school to pick up, etc.).

At the moment, the center hosts a variety of events and workshops, including:

For children :

  • Creative workshops
  • Culinary workshops
  • Club “Superbook”
  • drawing Studio
  • Classes with psychologist
  • Themed holidays
  • Spanish lessons

Visits to museums, theater.


  • Fitness
  • Computer courses for beginners
  • Classes with psychologist
  • Coffee Club
  • Creative Maysa classes
  • Club communication

Also hairdresser and manicures, various presentations, help immigrants find jobs, housing, assistance in solving social and domestic problems, humanitarian aid (clothes, food).